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Reports from the storm front

Here are some reports from residents about what they’re seeing and experiencing after Hurricane Irene.

Trees on the golf course

Wanda Hendrickson took her grandsons, Sy and Reagan, to the golf course at the Navy base and came across several downed trees, including the one shown above.

Wanda lives with her 92-year-old mother, Mildred Thorne, across from Shiloh Baptist Church. She’s been sending out regular updates to family and friends about how everyone is getting along. On Monday, she emailed that she was offering water and hot showers to anyone who wanted or needed them. “Prayers continue for the powerless and power providers.  Those guys HAVE to be draggin’-butt tired.”

Powerless in Nanzatico

Late Monday afternoon, Cindy Miller, who lives off Dahlgren Road, wrote that none of her family members had power. Electricity has been restored to some areas since then, she wrote in updates, but the Nanzatico area looked like a “war zone” Monday evening: “still lines across the road and tangled up in trees.”

Cindy’s relatives keep getting different reports from Dominion about when power will be restored, but have been told 90 to 95 percent of the area should have lights again by Friday or Saturday.

Last night, five trucks were posted at the home of Cindy’s brother and sister-in-law, Larry and Jo King. Jo said crews never took breaks and “were working their patooties off.”

Flooded basements

In Chatham Village, Ruby  Brabo knew of five homes, including her own, with flooded basements because of sump-pump failure. Developers had to install sump pumps in the home because of the high water table in the neighborhood, and many residents, like Ruby, bought battery backups.

“Usually the battery is good for three days, but I am guessing due to the long power outage (13 hours) on the Thursday before Irene, the batteries didn’t have enough time to fully charge so I woke up to 4 inches of water throughout my entire basement,” Ruby emailed. She doesn’t have flood insurance, but did purchase a sump-pump rider on the policy that covers everything, if the pump fails.

Another neighbor isn’t so lucky and is stuck with paying for the damaged items himself, she said.

Working on patience

From Sandy Breese: “Anyway it’s now Wednesday and still no power.  Dominion says they are working our problem today but when you look at list on web site of where they are working, Greenlaw Way is not on the list!  But I actually talked to a person at Dominion and she said our problem is being worked and will be fixed by 6 pm…they have been saying that since Sunday though.  The nice lady I talked to said they are probably working a line problem that has to be worked before they can actually come here… Anyway, thanks for all the offers of water….yesterday we had a call from Dickie Trembley and he had a repairman coming out to Spillman’s to work his Generac generator and would have the guys stop by here too…lo and behold!  they did!  and were able to repair the whole house generator, so now at least we have water!!  Praise the Lord!  But now we [start] worrying about running out of propane…and paying for the stuff!! Tom is so disappointed.  We are supposed to be at a family reunion for Tom’s family after a year of planning, but can’t leave here with no power.  Have arranged for a friend to stay here with the dogs and other animals, but we can’t leave him running on a generator! Working on patience!”