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Cleydael roof hit by Irene

Cleydael, the historic home near Dahlgren, looks like it has two different roofs after Hurricane Irene. Seems the storm peeled back the tin roof in places, exposing shingles.

The photo was sent by Luke and Cindy Miller, who live in nearby Peppermill Estates, off Dahlgren Road.

I’m just back from vacation and am trying to confirm Sept. 20 as the auction date for Cleydael. Will post more when I hear it.

And speaking of vacation, ours didn’t last long. We got to the Outer Banks on Sunday, Aug. 21, and expected to be there until Sunday, Aug. 28, but Mother Nature had other plans. When we learned about mandatory evacuation plans because of Irene, we lit out of there at 2:45 a.m. Thursday morning.

We had three days on the beach. We’re a little bummed to have the vacation cut short, but it’s hard to pout—too much—when you see the incredible damage on Hatteras Island. My heart goes out to the residents there and hope they can back to normal as soon as humanly possible.

And speaking of getting back to normal, I hear there’s still no electricity in parts of Dahlgren. Tell me how you fared during the storm and what you’re experiencing, and I’ll post responses here.