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Hospital lauds ‘oustanding’ performance by KG medics

Mary Washington Hospital recently praised a crew of medics for their “outstanding performance” with a patient.

The July 22 letter was sent to Chief David Moody of the King George Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services.

On July 9, Brandi Elliott, David Robey and Steven Self were treating a 59-year-old man complaining of weakness and difficulty breathing and talking. After obtaining his medical history, the medics established an IV and headed to the hospital in Fredericksburg.

The medics reassessed the patient when he started sweating and responded to being in pain. Their thorough assessment allowed the patient to get the accurate treatment he needed soon after arriving at the hospital, the letter stated.

“Please join us in congratulating these crew members,” wrote Amy Berrigan, performance improvement coordinator, and Christina Skinner, EMS coordinator at the hospital. “Their quick actions and quality patient care directly impacted this patient’s positive outcome.”

On Tuesday, members of the Board of Supervisors also praised the medics and thanked the hospital for recognizing their efforts.