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Cat in Dahlgren area tests positive for rabies

A cat that attacked another cat and was chasing after a man, who struck and killed it, has tested positive for rabies, according to King George Animal Control.

The  incident happened Saturday in a townhouse area on Creek Lane, near Machodoc Creek and off Dahlgren Road, said Animal Control Officer Kevin Eller.

Officers have set a trap in the area to catch the cat attacked in the fight. That cat hasn’t been seen since Saturday, Eller said.

Yesterday afternoon, residents were notified through the King George Alert system and told to be on the lookout for any animals, wild or domestic, that appear sick or aggressive. Residents shouldn’t attempt to make contact with the animals, the alert warned.

 “There’s no reason for people to freak out or anything,” Eller said. “This is just a precaution.”

A resident of the area, who was bitten by the cat on Friday, is getting rabies shots through the King George Health Department.

 Eller said the cat probably got rabies from a wild animal, because the area where the incident is occurred is marshy. He said it was the first rabies case in the county this year.