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Speaking of trash and odors . . .

Thomas Cue, district manager at the King George landfill, has a sense of humor that those around him don’t always get. Or at least that’s what I think.

Keep in mind that Cue talks and looks like he stepped out of an episode of “The Sopranos,” the long-gone HBO show about mobsters in South Jersey. Cue’s from that part of the world. When he first appeared before the supervisors last August, he said he’d most recently been working in South Carolina and people might not understand him because of his Southern accent.

Yeah, his southern Jersey accent. I laughed when he said it, but no one else even cracked a smile. Maybe no one understood him.

Then, last week, he was talking about the efforts the landfill has gone to in order to get rid of smells, caused by some problem ash that came from Alexandria. He went on to say that Waste Management is looking at various green ventures at their various facilities, including composting.  He said he’d allow it only if he could put it indoors because “composting has an odor issue, and I don’t want to hear the word ‘odor issue’ anymore.” I thought that was kinda funny, but I could understand if no one in King George did.

One more note about Cue: he came to the supervisors’ meeting looking rather dapper in a suit. (Was it the typical pinstripe look of the gangsters or simply dark blue? I can’t remember.) Anyway, what I do recall is that he wore a pink ribbon on his lapel. That’s in honor of his wife and others who have suffered with breast cancer.

I think it’s very cool when males are man enough to wear pink.