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New chairs for the board room

The new chairs look like this one, except they're royal blue.

Everyone was talking this week about the new chair smell in the board meeting room of the Revercomb Administration Center.

The county has gotten new seats—auditorium stacking chairs with royal-blue cushions on the bottom and back and no arms.

King George paid $35 each for the chairs, and the cost included shipping, said County Administrator Travis Quesenberry.

Remember two years ago, when Supervisor Cedell Brooks Jr. noticed new seats with padded cushions, arms on the sides and wheels on the bottom, in two training rooms at the King George Fire and Rescue headquarters on State Route 3?

It might not be accurate to say he had a fit over them, but he certainly was upset. Fire Chief David Moody had paid $215 each for the chairs, which were partly covered by a state grant.

“That’s ridiculous,” Brooks said in 2009. “That’s really terrible in these tight times when they need new equipment and turnout gear, and they order a chair at $215 a piece.”