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Hearing some big booms at Mathias Point?

If you’re hearing some explosives this morning in the Mathias Point area near Dahlgren, here’s the reason: dynamite.

A homeowner on Woodstock Road was taking care of the property of her deceased grandfather when she came across a stash of dynamite. Neighbors reported that the grandfather had used the dynamite to get rid of rodents. The Sheriff’s Office searched the property and found 5-1/2 sticks of dynamite, along with some blasting caps and detonation cords, said Sheriff Steve Dempsey. His office called explosive ordnance experts at the Navy base in Dahlgren, who went out this morning to detonate the stash.

The amount of dynamite isn’t necessarily a lot, Dempsey said, but it could cause a problem if it all went off at once in the residential area. He said the big booms should be finished by noon. Sheriff’s Office officials helped the granddaughter search the rest of the property for other explosives.


  • LOL

    I’m sorry for the loss of the loved one but it sounds like Grandpa may have watched Caddyshack just a few too many times.