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Serious budget talks

Supervisors will get down to serious business on Thursday during a budget work session that starts at 5:30 p.m. in the board room of the county building. Chairman Joe Grzeika asked fellow members last night, at another session, to bring to the table any items they may want to add to the budget–and to be prepared to discuss what should be cut to make room for them.

Among the interesting items discussed last night:

  • A proposal from Fire and Rescue Chief David Moody that would give the county more paid personnel around the clock. New staff would be assigned to the Co. 1 station, headquarters, and at Co. 2 in Dahlgren. No personnel would be posted at Fairview Beach, where the county wants to do a strategic study of the current building. Cost: $290,000
  • Discussion from board members about funding of FRED buses. You’ll remember the county did away with one of its three bus routes in 2008 and supervisors want to see if the remaining routes are worth the money. King George is being asked to put up $142,000 next year. Based on ridership numbers–which represent the number of trips taken in 2010, not the number of people riding the buses–the county is paying about $8.25 a trip, said Supervisor Dale Sisson Jr. Grzeika wondered if paying for a taxi would be cheaper.
  • More talk about pay increases for county workers. Nothing was decided, but supervisors were given figures on what it would cost to give 1- and 2-percent increases or bonuses. It looks like the board may be leaning toward a $500 bonus to each full-time employee and a 1-percent pay increase on Jan. 1, 2012.