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A closeup look at the landfill

My co-workers and I joke that it’s great to get out of the office for just about any assignment. I think I put that concept to the test a few days ago when my work day included a tour of the King George Landfill.

When I came back and told my editor how cool it was to see the place where 4,000 tons of trash is deposited every day, he looked at me like I’d inhaled  some foul substance. I was serious. It was neat to look all around the place I’ve written about for months, and I was so glad I wore knee-high rubber boots. (One of the best tools a reporter can have; under $15 at Walmart.)

Anyway, District Manager Thomas Cue showed me and Photographer Pete Cihelka the daily operations at the landfill, as well as the measures Waste Management has taken to cut down the horrible smells out there. And I have to say: I have a super-strong sense of smell and I didn’t detect any odors of rotten eggs. And it was drizzling that day, and you know how wetness always makes the smell worse.  (Think wet dog.) And, I have to add, there have been plenty of times when I’ve been driving down State Route 3 and I’ve gotten a smack in the face at times, in terms of the smell, so I certainly empathize with those who live around the landfill.

Read my story this week about the landfill cap and the daily doings at the facility, which also boasts dozens of eagles. Seeing our national bird scavenging in a dump isn’t exactly a regal image, but hey, it’s a real one.