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KG population: 23,584

On Tuesday, supervisors and other county officials will start figuring out how they’ll redraw the lines for the county’s four voting districts.

The goal will be to make the districts of James Monroe, James Madison, Shiloh and Dahlgren as even as possible, in terms of population. As the lines are drawn currently, they are not.

King George’s population grew by 40 percent in the decade, the highest of any locality in the Fredericksburg region. Its four voting districts did not increase at the same pace. Monroe and Madison grew considerably more than Shiloh and Dahlgren. That means the two big districts will have to get smaller, and the two small ones, bigger, to equalize things.

Here are some census figures from King George, from the 2010 Census:

Total population: 23,584

Whites: 18,089

Blacks: 4,214

Hispanics: 790

Asians: 274

American Indians: 122

James Monroe District: 7,566

James Madison District: 6,321

Shiloh District: 4,972

Dahlgren District: 4,725

Here’s a map of county districts and population:

KG Redistricting map