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It’s Saturday! Call 9-1-1

Surprise! Guess on what nights fire and rescue crews are called more than any others? Friday and Saturday. Well, actually, it’s Saturday first, followed by Friday.

That’s according to the calls the King George’s Department of Emergency Services responded to, in both 2010 and 2009. During both years, the number of calls was highest when the weekend was in full swing. Maybe that’s when people get liquored up and crazy, and cause more injury to themselves—or to others when they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.

I would imagine household accidents are more prevalent on the weekends, too. Someone falls off the ladder while trying to clean the gutters or gets a little too close to the weed-whacker, and the next thing you know, 9-1-1 is being dialed.

Guess the day that comes next, after Saturday, then Friday, for the most fire and rescue calls? Monday.

Here’s the number of calls that came in, by the day of the week, for 2010. Firefighters and rescue workers answered 2,566 calls last year, according to the report:

  • Sunday: 346
  • Monday: 376
  • Tuesday: 353
  • Wednesday: 365
  • Thursday: 335
  • Friday: 381
  • Saturday: 410

Also in 2010, the calls were divided up this way:

  • Medical: 1,836
  • Fire: 414
  • Both: 316