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‘Absolutely’ a good deal

As the brand new Sheriff’s Office nears completion, the county approved the first change orders on the project last night. The change orders cover items such as doors, hardware and a road crossing and are typical for jobs of this magnitude.

In fact, they’ll probably be more changes coming as contractor Southwood Builders, Inc. completes the work, said County Administrator Travis Quesenberry.

“Even with this, we’re still getting a good deal on the building,” said Supervisor Dale Sisson Jr.

“Absolutely,” answered Quesenberry.

The changes increase the cost of construction from $7.44 million to $7.48 million. That’s considerably less than what the county thought it would have to pay for the building, which was $13 million.

The contractor also got an additional 62 days to cover the time needed to make the changes and to make up for the bad weather last winter. The projected completion date is June 30.