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A happy reunion between a Marine and his mother

Cody Davis gets a big hug from his mom, Linda.

Linda Davis sent out the above photo with “my boy came home” in the subject line and an e–mail that contained one sentence: “I’m happy now.”

Cody Davis, 20, a corpsman with the Marine Corps, returned stateside on Feb. 11—and was greeted at Camp Lejeune by his parents, Linda and Skip. That’s Cody and his mother hugging. I told Linda, who always jokes about her hair being perfect, that the picture captured her best side.

Cody just returned from his first deployment, a seven-month stint in Afghanistan. He was given the Combat Action Ribbon for an incident in August, when Taliban forces exchanged heavy fire with members of the Echo Company, 1st Platoon, 4th squad.

Cody fired approximately 45 rounds of ammo until the heavy mortar  arrived. At that point, Cody was able to reach a wounded Taliban combatant, pull him to a safe location and treat his gunshot wound.

Cody will stay at Camp Lejeune until March 1, then be on leave for 30 days. His mama, aka “Bamabreeze,” is taking him home to Alabama.


  • Linda Davis

    Thanks Cathy! It’s so good to have my boy home. You are going to have to get over your jealousy about my hair.

  • Panther

    We’re all so happy that Cody’s home. He’s a great kid. (And yes, to all of us, he is still a kid).

  • All of us

    WELCOME BACK, CODY! Great picture!

  • Kimberley Jumper

    I am soooo happy for you Linda. I know you and Skipper are very proud of Cody. If you have time come see us. Love the picture. :)

  • CoastieMom

    This picture says it all: tall handsome Marine hugging a tired loving mom. And Dad behind the camera, ready to burst from pride and relief. Semper Fi, Cody, welcome home and enjoy your well-earned R&R!

  • Linda Davis

    I want to thank every parent who has ever gone thru this with us. You may notice the glare in the picture on Cody’s right wrist. That is a bracelet bearing the name of Nick Mason, one of the boys who didn’t come home. Cody wore that bracelet throughout his training. It was damaged in Afghanistan and he lost it. He called and asked me to find him another one because he felt lost without it. We found one and sent it to him. Thank you Nick for bringing my boy back to me. You will never be forgotten. To Nick’s famly, I share this hug with you.

  • Jane

    God bless and thank you both.

  • Marine Vet

    Congrats to the Davis family for their sons safe return. For the record a Corpsman in not a United Sates Marine. Corpsmen are Navy.