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Wanted: another study of fire and rescue services

At Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor meeting, Joe Grzeika suggested an independent study of King George’s fire and rescue services. It’s been 10 years since the last evaluation and plenty has changed since then, both in population, number of calls and training required.

Dale Sisson Jr. spoke up and said he wanted it to be clear that this request didn’t mean the board was questioning the work of Fire and Rescue Chief David Moody. The board just wants to make sure it’s on the right path.

So would some citizens, who have questioned, in recent months, if King George has the manpower–both career and volunteer–to tend to its own emergencies. My story in tomorrow’s paper cites another example of Maryland crews coming to the rescue. As one citizen points out, it’s great that firefighters and rescuers from Charles County, Md., are so willing to help, but what happens when they’re busy with their own emergencies?


  • opiniontoshare

    Interesting. According to some, putting a single chief in charge of both career and volunteer firefighters is supposed to resolve problems and improve service.

    Seems like it is taking an awful long time to release a report from a fire back in September. Among other things, I’m interested in seeing how many pieces of apparatus and how many personnel from KG responded to that call.

  • 95SHSAlumn

    Cathy, when you refer to a past or upcoming article, a link (even added afterward) would be greatly appreciated. Searching this site is painful at best.