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What will be on the agenda . . .

Among other things, the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will pick new leadership for the year and decide when to hold monthly meetings. Dale Sisson Jr. will turn his job of chairman over to someone else.  Is Joe Grzeika the best candidate? He’s certainly prepared and well-read when he comes to meetings, as well as deft at moving through agenda items.

Cedell Brooks Jr. may be next in line for the chairmanship but after suffering a stroke in November, it’s unclear when he’ll be able to return to office.

That leaves James Mullen and John LoBuglio. Mullen, who’s entering his fourth year as a supervisor, declined the job of vice-chairman last year, saying he wasn’t ready. And LoBuglio is completing his first year of service.

So that may mean Grzeika, who was chairman in 2009, will conduct the meetings again in 2011. Or will Sisson repeat as chairman? I’m told King George supervisors don’t serve as chairmen in back-to-back years. Guess we’ll see on Tuesday.