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Landfill closed tomorrow

The King George landfill will close at 4 p.m. today and be closed tomorrow, Saturday, because it’s New Year’s Day.

Haven’t heard much lately from residents near the landfill about the odor.  How’s it smelling out there? Have the latest efforts by Waste Management, to cap a particularly smelly portion of the landfill, by basically putting it in a giant Hefty bag, worked?


  • jess & cindy feeback

    IWe have been out of town for the last few months and returned to that awful smell. It brought back the disgust that we endure on an almost daily basis when home.
    All of the arguments about the ‘benefit’ of having a large business in the county mean nothing when they are such a bad neighbor. How can we be bought off like this by dirty money?
    We have lived in the same house for 24 years and remember when King George was a wonderful place to live. Not anymore.
    The only justice would be anyone living within a 5 mile radius be exempt from property taxes since the county makes so much money from the dump.