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A sweet memory

I tried the candy cane fudge this week at Mary’s Cakery and Candy Kitchen. It was exactly what you’d expect from a mixture of peppermint, sugar and butter.


I’ve been making regular stops there since I started covering King George government last year. Of course, I can’t step into the candy shop without thinking about the man who told me about the place 10 years ago.

I was interviewing Bertha and Leroy Weedon about their volunteer efforts. The two regularly drove people who didn’t have any means of transportation to doctors’ appointments or the grocery store.

The Weedons, who have  have passed away since then, were two of the nicest people I’d ever met.

As soon as I walked through their door, Mr. Weedon offered me a glass of tea, a cup of coffee or a tuna fish sandwich. I had to giggle because I’d never been offered that particular item on assignment before.

When I left, Mr. Weedon asked me if I’d ever been to Mary’s Cakery, which was right down the road from his house. “Would you like to go?” he asked. “I’ll give you some money.”

I didn’t take him up on his kind offer. But I do think about him every time I buy some dark chocolate nonpareils at Mary’s. 

Thanks for the sweet memory.


  • Melissa Weedon Woodson

    As their only daughter, this article meant so much to me. I no longer live in the area and losing my parents has meant that I often feel as if the most important part of my life is gone. What a powerful tribute to my parents. Cathy, at Christmas time, you have given me a great gift. They are gone but most assuredly not forgotten.

  • Amanda Weedon

    This was just what I needed. It;s hard for me to try to explain to new people in my life just how sweet and unique my granparents were. This was just what I needed ti be reminded that my family wasn’t the only people to find them so kind, Thank you so much.

  • http://twt3415 Frances Thacker

    This was a nice puts the true meaning of Christmas forward, not only for this holiday season but all year long.That’s the act of Giving!!!!!!. My sister Bertha and her husband Leroy were a feature in my life. Their acts of kindness and generosity was an a fact of life. They were examples of a simple life that took everyone they met under their wing They are remembered and missed every day.
    Again Thank You.