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New stadium or improvements to old school?

Suddenly, the School Board wants to use the $3 million appropriated for a new stadium at King George High School on needed renovations at the aging Potomac Elementary School in Dahlgren.

On Monday, School Board members agreed to ask the supervisors to shift the money to the old school. Member Renee Parker said the School Board changed its stance on the new stadium when it learned, at a joint meeting with the supervisors on Nov. 30, that there won’t be money any time soon to make repairs at Potomac elementary.

If only one thing can be done, the School Board wants the money spent on education.

See my story about their decision and a look at some of the conditions at Potomac Elementary School in tomorrow’s paper.


  • Tonya

    So what is going to happen when the officials say they will not come back to the pit? Because it is not save for the players. I understand that there needs to be repairs done to the elementary school, but what about the player that have to play at that field. I don’t understand King George on their plans. Every school that we have went to have nice fields to play on and King George is the worst that I have ever seen for one thing they don’t take care of it and it stinks to high heaven. I guess what is next is that we will not have any sports for our children because they will not have a field to play on or the parents will have to travel to all the other schools to watch their children play. It just sad that we waited for so long to get a new field and now they don’t want to put one in.

  • Dan

    I would just like to add to Tonya’s comments; The feild is in bad shape, yes it stinks most of the time and it is unsafe. I just dont understand why we can’t get a new feild? King George is the door mat for the Northern Neck and it shows by the stadium we play in. Every year we pay higher taxes and yet to see what is being done with the money. We have a trash dump that brings in money for the county and still our kids have to suffer. As residence of the county we dont ask for much but give the kids a new feild. Yet here is another promise that they are going to take from the kids.

    W&L even has better facilitys that King George does and they have half the people living in there county.

  • George

    Dan, and how about the unsafe and poor condition that PES has? But you are right, you can always put a bucket underneath a leaky roof, but playing football an a a dangerous field is unacceptable.

  • Dan

    Your right!

  • Dan

    I just think there should be money for both!! If there isn’t its time for new people to balance our bugets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Always keep our kids safe.