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In a Holiday Mood

We’re looking to do some stories this season that gauge how people are coping with the economy, two wars and the urge to “spend, spend, spend”  that surrounds us. For a series called “Holiday Mood,” we want to feature people who may be suffering during the economy, but still finding a way to make merry. Or, those who haven’t been as affected as others and are reaching out to do more for those who need it most.

We also would like to profile a family whose Mom/Dad or wife/husband will be home this holiday after being deployed for previous seasons. Or, maybe we’ll focus on someone whose loved one is gone off to war for the first time.

We’d also like to include people who are striving to return to the meaning of the season, because of financial cutbacks or just because the focus has gone so far in the other direction.

If you fit any of these categories or know people who do, please drop me a line. Give me some details about the circumstances. Or suggest any other stories you believe would put us all in the right “Holiday Mood.”