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For military families

King George photographer Christi Sullivan donated 968 items to the food pantry at the United Service Organizations Center at the Naval Support Facility Dahlgren.

She had some help. This month, she pledged to give one boxed or canned item for every comment she got on her blog.

The campaign yielded 102 items, which is pretty substantial. Her husband, Jonmark, took it to another level. He’s the kind of guy who believes it doesn’t hurt to ask, so he asked the manager of the Dahlgren Food Lion to match their donation to the base pantry.

The manager couldn’t do that, but she did donate 122 boxes from the “Feeding America: Hunger Has a Cure” program. Each box had seven items, all paid for by the patrons of the Dahlgren store.

The Sullivans loaded up their truck and van and headed to the base. “It felt great to do something, and it was very much appreciated,” Christi wrote.