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The pace of building

Here’s one good thing about a not-so-booming economy: it doesn’t take long to get a building permit.

King George’s Department of Community Development is issuing building permits less than two weeks after receiving complete applications, according to Director Jack Green. He and other directors of county departments give monthly reports to the Board of Supervisors.

His department is also letting applicants know the department is processing the permits within five working days—and calling applicants when permits are ready.

Permits for single-family homes and commercial buildings continue to be well under the pace of recent years. Here’s an excerpt from Green’s report on the number of building permits issued in recent years:

2010: 75 for homes and six commercial

2009: 122 for homes and nine commercial

2008: 112 for homes and four commercial

2007: 230 for homes and nine commercial

2006: 296 for homes and 20 commercial

2005: 507 for homes and 12 commercial