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What’s going on in Chatham Village?

Some corrupt data may be responsible for skewed water meter readings at Chatham Village subdivision.

Donita Harper, the assistant county administrator, gave an update last night on her ongoing “investigation.” Last month, supervisors asked for county staff who don’t work for the King George County Service Authority to look into problems brought up by Chatham Village homeowners.

Several residents complained about ridiculously high water bills and meter readings on paper that were much higher than their meters’ actual reading.

Last night, Harper said she and others were testing the wireless device, a wand that touches the meters to get readings. The device acted erratically in Chatham Village. She contacted the vendor who sold the devices to see if there may be some corrupt data in the system.

Supervisor Joe Grzeika asked if Harper had checked any routes besides Chatham Village.

“No,” she answered.

Then, she said the county’s meter reader, who went to Chatham Village with her, said there weren’t any problems in other areas.

Grzeika reminded her that the investigation is supposed to be independent of Service Authority workers.

“The problem wasn’t identified from within, it was identified from without,” Grzeika said. “I think we need to take a broader view. I’d like to know that we looked at different ends of the county.”

Other supervisors agreed that they wanted her to look at meters throughout the county and not just in the Dahlgren subdivision.