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On the subject of subdivisions . . .

Supervisors approved preliminary plats last night for two subdivisions proposed by Shirley Thompson and granted an exception for the Morgan Family subdivision.

Thompson’s two developments are:

Hunting Hills, with 16 lots and one stormwater management facility on State Route 617, Popular Neck Road.

Popcastle Manor, with 13 lots on State Route 1050, Turkey Acres Road.

Supervisors granted Lawson Morgan an exception to the county’s requirement that a private access easement serving a family subdivision not serve more than two parcels.

Morgan already gave 10 acres to a daughter and wants to give the same amount to another daughter and his son. Morgan inherited the land from his father, and the property hasn’t been divided, sold or given to anyone outside the family.

Supervisors granted the request because it was similar to other exceptions given to families.

“This is an opportunity to look out for the property owners’ rights and the family subdivisions, which we said we want to support,” said Supervisor Chairman Dale Sisson Jr.