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MetroCast rates going up

MetroCast Communications has mailed announcements to customers about new channels—and higher rates—effective July 1.

New channels available are: TV One, Fox Business, MASN2 HD, YES Nationals, WRLH—TheCoolTV and Flix.

Monthly rates will rise:

Basic cable: From $19.95 to $21.95

Expanded basic: From $35 to $36

Digital basic: From $7.95 to $8.95

HBO Multiplex: From $13.95 to $14.95

MetroCast high speed Internet: From $43.95 to $44.95

MetroCast high speed basic: From $29.95 to $32.95

VIP Plus: From $138.90 to $143.90

VIP: From $129.95 to $134.95

VIP Basic: From $124 to $127

Activation fees for phone lines also will go up $5.

There’s no change in prices for: Showtime Unlimited, Cinemax Multiplex Starz Multiplex, pay-per-view and on-demand specials and most digital equipment.

For more information, contact MetroCast customer service at 800/633-8578.


  • Mike

    Oh good I get to pay more money to have my Channel Guide flicker on me.