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Bushrod’s pep talk

Jermon Bushrod, starting left tackle for the New Orleans Saints, made a guest appearance at King George Elementary School last week—and rumors have been circulating ever since.

The King George County graduate, and part of the Super-Bowl winning team, visited every class at the school and gave autographs to any child who wanted one.

What bothered some parents and triggered an e–mail blitz came at the end of the visit. Fifth- and sixth-grade boys ONLY were invited to a special session. Girls were told something more fitting would be available for them at a later date.

Parent Kelly Lewis said a teacher at the school who knows Bushrod asked him to speak to boys who have the “grandiose idea” that they don’t have to bother with school work, but can go straight to the NFL instead.

She understood why he delivered that message to a target audience.

“He let the boys know you still have to work hard to become anything,” Lewis said.


  • soldat65

    Let’s be calm folks…typically males are football payers.