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Heavy cuts from state

King George County could lose up to $2.7 million in state aid in this year’s budget  as part of former Gov. Kaine’s statewide cuts.

Finance Director Donita Harper presented a report to supervisors Tuesday that outlined the impact of cuts on the county.

 Here’s a breakdown:


Schools would lose $1.2 million in state funding, by far the largest cut. That number could go up or down by half a million dollars, depending on the how many students are counted.

Harper is projecting an average daily membership of 4,039 students, 92 less than the number the school system budgeted for this year. If the membership, taken on March 31, is indeed lower, the county will be short $715,528 in state funding.

If the membership number is 4,131, the number the school system budgeted for, the county will be short $1,692,734 million in state aid.

Total reduction: Ranges from $715,528 to $1,692,734

Constitutional officers and general registrar

Elected officer and  their full-time employees will be furloughed one day.  The state will pay one-fourth less into the Virginia Retirement System and group life reimbursement for the employees.

Total reduction: $159,779

Other aid to localities

This includes cuts such as library aid and the litter control grant, which has been eliminated.

Total reduction: $70,324

Aid to non-state agencies

This includes cuts to the Bluemont Concert Series, Community Services Board and Rappahannock Regional Jail.

Total reduction: $1,029,583

Supervisors plan a work session at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 26, at the Company 1 Fire Station on State Route 3. They’ll discuss the cuts in the current budget and those proposed for the next fiscal year, when the reductions in service go even deeper.

“I know the state is trying to save money but they’re pushing the costs down to us,” said Supervisor Joe Grzeika. “I don’t know how we’re going to make it up, either.”

“It’s going to be challenging,” said Chairman Dale Sisson Jr.