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Fire at Dahlgren this morning

Two people were burned this morning when a boiler exploded in the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense headquarters at the Naval Support Facility in Dahlgren.

One person was airlifted to a hospital, the other taken by ambulance. Spokesman Gary Wagner wouldn’t release their names, extent of their injuries or to which hospitals they went. The Aegis headquarters and the building next to it were evacuated, then the 400 or so workers were allowed to go back to their offices.

If you work at the base and heard anything about the fire, let me know. Give me a call at 540/374-5425 or an email at Thanks.


  • tpkeller

    Do you realize that what you are asking could probably get someone terminated? The military is kind of funny that way.

  • fireball

    HIPAA rules are likely what is preventing the PAO from releasing info on the workers, along with the fact that Mr. Wagner answers to the NSASP CO, not the ATRC CO. ATRC is an independent tenant command at the base, and I doubt they are going to tell NSASP any more than they have to (for good reason). In fact, having NSASP out of the loop will likely make the inquiry go quicker and with better results.

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