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Supervisor pay in King George

King George supervisors make $5,000 a year—less than members of every county board around them.

King George often equates itself to Caroline County because both are rural areas with similar populations. In 2008, the Census Bureau estimated that 23,170 people lived in King George and 27,632 in Caroline.

Yet, Caroline supervisors earn $22,500 a year—more than quadruple the annual pay of King George members.

Caroline supervisors also make more than their colleagues in Stafford, after Stafford voted this week to take a pay cut. Stafford board members knocked their salary down to $20,500 and the chairman’s pay to $21,500.

The two other Virginia counties that border King George pay amounts comparable, but still higher, than King George.

Westmoreland County supervisors get $5,500; the vice-chairman, $6,250 and the chairman, $6,500.

Essex County pays its supervisors $6,000 a year and the chairman, $7,200.

King George’s neighbor across the Potomac River—Charles County, Md.—beats them all in the pay race. Charles County has four commissioners who earn $48,000 a year and their president makes $58,000.