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Praise for other events

The Board of Supervisors were doling out compliments at last night’s meeting. Several praised the recent King George High School production of "Big River." Supervisors were impressed by the talented ensemble, the number of students involved in the production and the acoustics of the new auditorium.

The school had artwork on display as well as part of a concurrent show, and supervisors were impressed by what they saw. "We hear some things about our education not being up to par . . . but there is some amazing talent coming out of the school," said Supervisor Dale Sisson Jr.

Supervisors also praised Saturday’s Relay for Life event, sponsored by the American Cancer Society. Despite tough economic times, residents supported the effort to raise money for cancer research. "The people in King George never fail to come through, in good times or in bad times like we’re having now," said Supervisor Chairman Joe Grzeika.

Listed below are the top five teams in the Relay for Life event:

1 - Win for Wesley!


  2 - Friends for Life


  3 - It’s All About Life


  4 - NSWC Federal Credit Union


  5 - Heritage Hall Healthcare & Rehabilitation