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How high’s the water?

King George County’s Community Office Development recently sent out 1,512 letters, notifying residents who own property in a floodplain.

Does that mean it’s time to head for higher ground?

Not necessarily. The floodplain designation, updated for the first time since 1990, shows land areas at high risk for flooding. It’s no surprise that most are on the Potomac or Rappahannock rivers or on inland waterways.

There aren’t many structures on these properties, said Jack Green, community development director.

People with homes in floodplains are required to have flood insurance, according to Over a 30-year period, homes in floodplains have six times the chance of being hit by flood than fire, according to Floodsmart.

Visit,com_docman/Itemid,352/task,cat_view/gid,202/ for a map of King George’s floodplains.