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Spotsylvania firefighters rescue man trapped in well

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Spotsylvania County’s Technical Rescue Team was called into action on Sunday after a 27-year-old man became trapped in a 30-foot deep well.

The man was trying to remove debris from inside a well on property in the 13800 block of West Catharpin Road near the Orange County line, Spotsylvania Deputy Chief Joe Sposa said on Monday.

When the people working with him realized he couldn’t get out, they went to the nearby home of a volunteer fire captain who radioed the county communications center, Sposa said.

The request came in at 3:09 p.m. and when the first unit arrived at 3:21 p.m., responders found the man awake and not injured.

Spotsylvania’s Technical Rescue Team was called for its expertise in dealing with people in confined spaces, Sposa said.

Rescue personnel lowered a special harness to the man who was able to place it on by himself.

They then put a tripod device in place over the well and used a system of ropes and pulleys to bring him out, Sposa said.

The man was taken to a local hospital for evaluation and then released.

Thirty-two fire and rescue personnel assisted with the incident including a fire engine, fire truck and an EMS unit.


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  • Craig List

    So I got stuck on the road behind all the fire trucks, the ambulance and the sheriff, because some dumb ass redneck climbed down a well…. Don’t know what’s worse the redneck stupidity or the redneck reuse squad…..

    • Ann

      Really stupid…… now yes some people may climb down a well for the hell of it… but I am a woman and I know for a fact that if there are issues with your well, or the water pump or even the pipes going to the well guess what someone has to climb into the well to fix all this b/c the water pump in most houses that has wells that is were the water pump is located. So sounds like someonewa in the well to fix a problem ( I hope) So sorry that this man inconvienced you while he most likely did not have any water so that his family can take shower’s, flush toilet’s ( b/c in a house that has a well you can not flush the toilet or you will have to prim the well and that ca take hours ) and no water for them to drink or possibly cook with. So very sorry that this man maybe out of water and that he inconvienced you.

    • Enquiring_Minds

      Just be happy he is OK.

    • Moody Blue

      Wow! Craig List, I really hope you feel better after taking that dump. Did you have a bad day, or is this just who you are? Your lack of civility and compassion is stunning. It’s a shame we can’t find out who you really are because I’m sure the rescue (or as you call it, reuse) squad would love to add you to their “Do Not Resuscitate List.”

    • Annoyed

      Hi Craig,
      I’m part of what you call, “redneck reuse squad.” Just so you know, I volunteer my time to save people like you. If you were stuck in a well, for whatever reason it may be, I’m sure you would want the same response this gentleman got. You never know who’s going to be reading this, and I’m very offended by what you said, as I take my position and what I do at the rescue squad very seriously; however, if you ever need to be rescued, resuscitated, etc., don’t hesitate to call me. I’d be more than happy to assist–my number is 911.
      Rescue Sgt.

      • Jon

        Just leave him at the bottom of the well please.

      • Kris

        Very well put Annoyed…Craig List..BE ASHAMED VERY ASS-HAMED …how dare you, really!??.. Thank you Annoyed for all of your help and what you do for society, you are a hero on so many levels. Bless you.

    • Dawn Wine Gorton

      WOW.. the things people will say for attention.. Way to go Craig.. Winner Winner!!!

    • Molchan

      Are you saying the road was closed because of the vehicles? How long did you sit and wait because you could not pass these vehicles? If a road was closed for 5-10-20 minutes because of the way the vehicles were parked, then they did create a safety issue. If you could pass these vehicles in the opposite lane after they were parked, then you are being very foolish and petty.

      • Ann

        If a road is closed it may cause a safety issue however the EMS makes the call you as the driver have no choice but to sit there. If your son or daughter or even yourself was in this well you would have wanted the EMS to make the same choice they made to save your child or even yourself. As a person who has worked for transportation services, I drove the roads. I have seen a rural road shut down and I have seen main road’s like 610 ad route 1 shut down all together why for the safety of those driving on these roads as well as EMS. you have EMS, this included police, fire and rescue having to cross streets and sometimes EMS needs the whole road. If they were saving you or your child you would not want EMS parking a mile or two down the street to respond to you in all emergencies it all about timing. If EMS has to park 2 miles away from your emergency and they get to you and have to perform cpr had they made it to you quicker than your chances of survival are better ( if you stop breathing your body is not getting oxygen to the brain early response/ cpr can save your life )

        • Molchan

          See, this is where you guys lose the sympathy of some. You are using exaggerations like two miles away, and this makes you lose credibility. If you park one after the other on the same side of the road and one or two of the 32 there direct traffic so people can pass, then everyone is happy. I doubt he was in life threatening danger since he put the harness on himself.

          • Ann

            I am just giving you examples of why a road can be closed for example Widewater Rd. would be closed due a accident this is a rural road its a 2 lane road with no sholder’s so if emergency vehicles are called out they would shut it down. Only way cars could get through is if they wanted to take out mailboxes or drive through ditches or hit any one of the EMS vehicles. Every one complain’s about EMS closing roads for what may have or could have led to a emergency until it’s YOU or your children in a emergency situation then you would complain about EMS not responding quick enough, or not shutting down the road etc. I am just glad everything turned out okay.

          • Molchan

            Don’t block roads if you don’t have to. It looks like they blocked this road unnecessarily. We all understand that there are times that roads do need to be blocked, but this was not one.

          • Ann

            No matter what I say, no matter what EMS say’s you are the one who will argue w/ everyone. There ar so many more things behind the scene that you are not aware of… if you don’t believe it how about you do 2 weeks of a ride around spend a week w/ fire a rescue and a week w/ the police before you think you know what you are talking about. I don’t care if this turned out to not be a emergency ( Thank God ) but its a learning experience. Anyways, I am done here b/c I know you will continue to think you are right.

          • Molchan

            Instead of EMS always being right? Like the time that lady was on the phone with dispatch and died slowly of smoke inhalation?

    • Jskinfan

      I f you don’t like these rednecks then why did you move down here? Nobody asked you to move into red neck territory.Why don’t you go back up North where you apparently came from.Oh. and by the way Yankee.The word is RESCUE not reuse!

  • ImYourHuckleberry

    What they didn’t report was that the good ol’ boy was just setting up the BBQ for latter in the day.When he got back from the hospital they all partied.

  • SirRantsAlot

    Great job by the Spotsy FD Tech Rescue Team!! Craig – I”m sure they will happy to accept a personal donation from you.

  • Michael Blevins

    Good job rescue personnel. I am sorry that some readers feel it is their duty to complain about the rescue vehicles in the road. What would they have you do? Perhaps ride bicycles to the scene. They would be the first to complain to God about the weather if they just knew a number to call. Also: It does not matter why someone was in the well or what the one being assisted might have done after the rescue was accomplished. The fact is that these rescuers are willing to risk their lives to help anyone regardless of race, sex, income, social status, I.Q. or even species who may find themselves in need every single day and for that fact we should all be very grateful to them.

  • Jackson

    Thank you county personnel for a successful rescue! From dispatchers all the way to the responders at the scene. I’d gladly sit in traffic an extra ten minutes if it meant a proper rescue and everyone goes home that evening to their families.

  • Liam Skye

    Well, well, well.