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Spotsylvania issues wanted poster, seeks public’s help in finding suspect

Matthew JonesUPDATE: The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office just released a wanted poster to get the public’s help in locating Matthew William Jones, 23.

Jones fled on foot after members of the Spotsylvania and Stafford Sheriff’s Offices attempted to arrest him this morning, Spotsylvania Capt. Jeff Pearce said.

Deputies recently gave up their search in the area of River Road in Stafford and believe he is no longer in that section of the county, Pearce said.

Anyone with information about Jones’ whereabouts is asked to call the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office at 540/582-7115 or the Stafford Sheriff’s Office at 540/658-4450.



UPDATE: Authorities have finished their air and ground search for the suspect without locating him, Kennedy said.


A Fairfax County police helicopter has been patroling the area along the Stafford County and Fredericksburg borders this morning in search of a man wanted by the Spotsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, Stafford Sheriff’s Office spokesman Bill Kennedy said.

The man was last seen early this morning in the area of Rodney Lane in the Chatham Heights area, Kennedy said.

The man  fled around 8 a.m. when Spotsylvania detectives and Stafford deputies arrived, Spotsylvania Capt. Jeff Pearce said.

The detectives were attempting to serve arrest warrants for receiving stolen goods over the past few months, Pearce said.

The man is not viewed as armed or dangerous, Pearce added.

“We don’t consider him, at this point, to be a threat to the public,” Pearce said. “We don’t have any indication that he would be a threat to anyone.”

The man is described as black, 6-feet, 5-inches tall and weighing 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing dark-colored basketball shorts and may not be wearing a shirt, Kennedy said.

Pearce did not know how long the search would continue.

A Fredericksburg Police Department lieutenant said the department was not involved but was available, if requested.


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  • jjramsey

    “We don’t consider him… be a threat….”. Then why waste time and money on a helicopter? Who is paying for all of this searching if he not a threat? I don’t think Captain Pearce is being 100% truthful on why they want this guy.

    • hawkeye22407

      The pilot probably has a minimum number of flight hours required each month…

    • Steve Allen

      I agree about the 100% truthfulness. However, should Captain Pearce need to be completely truthful to a fearful public that runs to the social media to blow stories up even larger than they really are?

      We saw what happened when too many details were released after the Boston Bombing. The public went on a witch hunt and innocent people were publicly accused and even died because of the public having more information than necessary.

      I say let the police do their job and release only the necessary details to the fearful public.

  • staffordfan

    Maybe they could throw out a name. Might help find him!

  • GrapesAndBerries

    I believe he is a threat.

  • Kris

    Really FLS!!?? WOW.