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Stafford prosecutor won’t seek to retry exonerated man

Stafford Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Olsen will not seek to retry former North Stafford resident Edgar Coker on the charges vacated by a circuit court judge in a Feb. 10 ruling.

In making his decision, Olsen noted in a letter to Coker’s legal team that he had been informed that the Virginia Attorney General’s office is not appealing Judge Designate Jane Marum Roush’s ruling. The AG’s office had until Monday to decide whether to appeal.

That puts an end to nearly seven years of legal battles following a made-up rape accusation by a 14-year-old neighbor when Coker was 15.

In a story Sunday, I chronicle the impact on Coker’s life of living the past six years and eight months labeled a rapist and appearing on Virginia’s Sex Offender Registry. The story includes a timeline of the saga that began on June 4, 2007 and continued for years despite his accuser recanting her rape claim in November 2007.





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  • Carla Williams

    An Why ??? It took that Long???

  • notme

    olsen thinks this takes care of the corruption between him and rafferty? they both need to be disbarred ..

  • MartinWork

    Pam Gould…THANKS for caring.

    • A.T.

      Pam Gould’s articles on this case have been excellent. This isn’t even the proper word to describe it. The articles have seemed to be personal for her at times. This is how you capture a true and good story. Thumbs up Pam Gould!!

  • nancyleecole

    OLSEN 0, CORKER 1!!!!!!!!!

  • A.T.

    I’m very happy for this young man and his family. This is a common practice in Stafford County and somebody needs to take a long hard look at the obvious corruption there. This family has endured such trauma and life changing events. There should be a lawsuit filed. They’ve moved countless times, lived in fear and mom seems to have placed her life on hold with no rewards for doing so but this is what a real mother does. I admire her because of her strength, her will never to give up and push forward for what she believed in and that was fight with everything in her for her child. You can’t get any better than that. They need to be compensated to the highest degree. The family needs to know that there are people who really care about the horrible ordeal they’ve all gone through. There should be a fund started just to help them recover and recuperate. I can’t imagine the pain they’ve lived with all these years. Stay strong Coker/ Dulaney family.