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Dealing with eater’s remorse?

I ate too much over Thanksgiving weekend. I heeded the advice of dietitian friends during our actual Thanksgiving dinner and didn’t pile my plate too high or stuff myself with second helpings. I actually felt great right afterward. I’d filled my plate only with the foods I like the best and hadn’t wasted calories on things I don’t really love.  And when everyone else had pie, I said, “No thanks, I’m still full.”  So virtuous.

But that night, when my stomach started rumbling, I went back for another round of sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and stuffing. And I topped it off with pie. And then I didn’t feel so great. Saturday, I had more leftovers, especially pie. And yesterday, during a lunchtime gathering at church, I ate more leftovers plus pizza. Not virtuous at all.

I got back on track last night, thanks to my husband’s squash casserole and some great fresh cantaloupe, but I’m hoping to carry the lesson of Thanksgiving forward as the December festivities approach.

Indulging then reining ourselves in — it’s natural. But who wants to feel stuffed or gain a winter layer? On average, Americans gain a pound or two each December. It’s not a ton, but it can add up. (You can read more about holiday weight gain here.)

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s a good time to consider how to become a better, wiser diner in December. Remembering that stuffed feeling should help. Sending more leftovers home with guests might help, too. I know I’ll still indulge, but I’ll try harder to follow the advice I doled out in a blog post last week, about thinking ahead to how you want to feel after you eat.

What, if anything, will you do differently when you’re tempted with the season’s next buffet table?

If you’d like some motivation and advice to eat well, plan to attend Healthy Eating for the Holidays and Beyond, a community gathering Dec. 4. Three speakers will offer information and motivation designed to help us embrace a healthy lifestyle during the holidays and throughout the year. Click here for more information about that event, which will start at 7 p.m., at the John F. Fick Conference Center in Fredericksburg.

By the way, here’s the squash casserole recipe my family loves — use brown rice instead of white to make it healthier.