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The 10 signs of Alzheimer’s

The Fredericksburg chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association is hosting a discussion Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m. to share the 10 warning signs of the disease and help people understand when it’s time to get help.

The gathering will be held at  Scott Insurance Services, 2115 Lafayette Blvd., in Fredericksburg. Registration is a must, but the session is free; call 540/370-0835 or email to sign up.

Warning signs of Alzheimer’s include memory loss that disrupts daily life, confusion with time or place, and trouble planning or solving problems. So, having to ask for the same information over and over can be a sign of Alzheimer’s, and so can  having trouble following a recipe, or forgetting where you are and how you got there.

You can learn much more about the disease’s red flags, and when/how to get help, by attending the discussion Wednesday evening or by visiting