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In case you missed it…

Sunday’s Healthy Living featured a story on a debilitating neuropsychiatric condition that strikes some children after a bout of strep. The condition, called PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder), triggers severe and alarming problems including obsessive-compulsive behaviors, tics and mood swings.

Parents describe the problems as coming on suddenly and wreaking havoc on family life as their children’s mental health deteriorates, and they search desperately for help.

Scientists aren’t sure of the best way to treat PANDAS, but some doctors and parents have seen children’s lives turned around by a long-term course of antibiotics. Much remains unknown about the condition and how strep affects its development.

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Several readers of Sunday’s paper have gottten in touch with hopes of being connected with others whose lives have been altered by PANDAS. If you’re seeking to connect with others who are familiar with the challenges of PANDAS, email me at