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Is sitting killing you?

An infographic called “Sitting Is Killing You: The Truth About Sitting Down” uses data from places like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to show that sitting all day can hasten your death.

“Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than three. Even if you exericse,” says the graphic, posted online by a group called

Dr. Christopher Lillis, who’s written a column for Sunday’s Healthy Living section about the importance of walking, forwarded it to me earlier today. I can’t vouch for all its conclusions, but it spoke to me with passages like: “The human body simply isn’t built to sit for long periods of time.”

You can check it out at


  • Lane D

    Please. Why publish scare articles like this that are based from special interests and carry absolutely no credible scientific reasoning whatsoever? Bored today? I mean seriously, no one is going to die in 15 years because their job entails a lot of sitting. Most jobs do. If you exercise an hour a day and are relatively active in your life, you are fine. If you weigh 300 pounds and you don’t care to move around more, then there’s no surprise that your death is looming.

    If you are overweight, sit a lot, but remain active, sitting down has nothing to do with your death coming in 15 years as this writer pushes by publishing this ridiculous piece.

  • Lane D

    Sorry, I see you are not vouching for the study, but even publishing this kind of means you’re selling the idea. The doctor who sent this to you ought to be ashamed.

    The study isn’t using practical data. It’s common sense that a person who sits 8 hours a day is likely to be lazy. But the fact that they are sitting has nothing to do with their health. If they are sitting, overweight and not active, then this is when it becomes a health hazard. I mean, let’s be serious, if your sit around all day and night, you’re not going to live as long as someone like me who may be slightly overweight, and has a sitting job and watches maybe an 5 to 12 hours of tv a week but who exercises an hour every other day or more. I am not the healthiest person in the world but my levels of health based form blood pressure, cholestrol and other data says I am doing fine

    And I sit a lot

  • TeeBoo

    We’ve all gotta die. Why not die from sitting?

  • TeeBoo

    When I die of sitting, I’m suing the manufacture of my couch for a million dollars.