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Gluten news

For people who suffer from gluten problems and for those who love them, Healthy Living columnist Delise Dickard has written a column sharing  the latest news about gluten sensitivity, along with personal insights into living with the condition and being sensitive to those who have it.

People whose bodies can’t cope with gluten — which is found in foods like bread and pasta — can suffer serious gastrointestinal distress, along with many other woes.  About 1 in 133 people have celiac disease, which requires them to go on a strictly gluten-free diet. Dickard’s column discusses the latest news — research from the University of Maryland estimating that 6 percent of people have a condition called gluten sensitivity that is different from, but related to, celiac disease.

Dickard interviewed Dr. Alessio Fasano, of the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, for details about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. A short version of her interview, in Q/A format, was published in Healthy Living Sunday. A longer version is now available at on FredMD, at  You can also find the short version of the interview, plus Dickard’s column, on the FredMD site.