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Teen brains, school lunches

If you’d like insight into two hot-button topics with parents, check out this  Sunday’s Healthy Living. Our neurologist/columnist, Dr. Maha Alattar, explores the changes that go on in the brain during the teen years — changes that can help explain the impulsive, risk-taking behavior teens are notorious for. Meanwhile, our general practitioner/columnist, Dr. Patrick Neustatter, delves into the topic of school lunches, exploring their shortcomings through the eyes of a local — and fairly young — vegetarian activist.

As a parent myself, I’ve thought more than once about both teen brain develpment and the number of chicken nuggets and pizza slices on school lunch menus. (My daughter, Claire, especially bemoans their ubiquity.) So, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading Dr. Alattar’s and Dr. Neustatter’s insights as much as I did.