Donya Currie is the editor of The Free Lance-Star's Healthy Life section and Healthy Life Virginia newsletter.

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Gifts of insight

It feels like a luxury sometimes, sitting at my desk and reading the material that comes my way. Here’s a sampling of what my writers and I will be sharing with you in Healthy Living this week and down the road:

  • A column this Sunday by Dr. Maha Alattar, a Fredericksburg neurologist, on how seeking the spiritual — whether through meditation, nature or prayer — can have meaningful and relaxing effects on your brain, something many find especially important this time of year.
  • Also this Sunday, a column by Dr. Delise Dickard, a Fredericksburg mental health counselor, on what it’s like to navigate the holiday season — with all its buffets and treats — as a person with dietary restrictions. For those who are gluten intolerant, her column will have extra meaning.
  • In the coming weeks, a story about a local woman who recently got a new heart thanks to a transplant, and who says, speaking of her grandchildren, “If I didn’t get a heart for any other reason but them, that would’ve been enough.”
  • Also in the coming weeks, a story (or stories) about people who changed their lives in meaningful ways over the past year. Some resolved to become healthier, as you might expect, and some had major life changes thrust upon them and found the fortitude to persevere with grace and courage.