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A sneak peek and a story

This Sunday’s Healthy Living is loaded with interesting material, from writer Sarah Smith’s story on a local woman living with an extremely rare and incurable lung disease to dietitian Jennifer Motl’s column on tapas-style eating. The section also will feature a column on medical errors — including one that hit close to him — by Dr. Christopher Lillis.

Before you head out to church or to shop Sunday (or maybe you’re just going to stay home and relax?), I encourage you to read! Jen’s column offers pragmatic and creative ideas for breaking free from the pressure to cook a traditional protein-starch-veggie dinner. Chris’ column offers concrete suggestions for protecting patients from medical errors. And Sarah’s story provides a window in the world of a woman facing a devastating illness with resilience and compassion.

And now, a story from Dr. Patrick Neustatter about a man he read about in “The Week,” a British publication:

“We are always looking for ways to motivate patients into doing what they need to do to be healthy. Motivating people to lose weight is one of the bigger challenges.   The story of Bob Mewes, reported from England, is a quaint new twist of modern technology.

Perusing Google Street View, he spotted a “morbidly obese man with a tent like shirt hanging over his massive belly” reports The Week. “On closer inspection he realized he was looking at himself.”

 Horrified, he got to work and has dropped from 21 stone* to 14 stone.

 I wonder if Google realizes the breadth of the service it provides? ”

* For those not familiar with the arcane British Weights and Measures system, a stone is 14 lb, so he went from 294 lb to 196 lb.