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A look in the mirror for smokers?

New warning labels designed for cigarette packages will force smokers to see, at least for a moment, the future that may await them if they don’t stop lighting up. The labels are huge compared to the small box of text you now see on cigarette packs, and they include graphic images of the damage smoking causes.

The Food and Drug Administration will select a set of nine labels by June, and cigarette makers will be required to start wrapping them around their packs by September 2010. One proposed label shows a corpse with a toe tag, next to the words “WARNING: Smoking causes fatal lung disease.” Another proposed label – this one focused on the harm smokers can cause to those around them – shows a woman blowing smoke toward a baby.

To view the images and learn more, visit


  • qaz668

    Cigarettes are hard to quit once you are hooked. My mother had not been able to get away from tobacco even after trying pills, patches and other methods. She finally got away from tobacco by doing what Katherine Heigl did, she switched to an electronic cigarette. The day you switch, you stop depositing tar in your lungs. Check out the video at http://www.CleanGreenNicotine to see how they work and what they look like. My mom has not had a tobacco cigarette for many months. It did not take her long to transition and she is glad for it.

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  • stonewallpark

    People die everyday that have never used tobacco,they do drugs and die,they drink beer and die, they drive and die. THESE’S THINGS HAPPEN this is a damn waste of money and tax dollars.Life is about choices,We don’t need the government to make them for us.When the main man call’s your number your life is over.

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  • Janet

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