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Germs, brains and cleanses

I’ve struck gold lately when searching some of my favorite health news websites. How lucky can a person get when a quick scan turns up quirky and informative  stories on germs, mothers’ brains and juice cleanses? Here are some fun reads:

  1. I couldn’t resist clicking on this headline on the Los Angeles Times website:  “Is a toilet bowl cleaner than your kitchen sink?” The link takes you to a story by an Arizona writer focused on a physician who calls himself “Dr. Germ.” In talking about everything from kitchens to laundry rooms, he serves up delights like this: “Your grandfather had cleaner underwear than you.”
  2. A New York Times story on a juice cleanse starts off this way: “A month ago I went on a juice cleanse. You know what it cleans out of you best? The will to live.” Find it online at
  3. Another New York Times piece caught my eye, this one on a parenting blog. The headline: “Mothers’ Brains Are Bigger.” You can read it at

There’s a lot of serious health news out there; finding some with a little humor in them is a nice Halloween treat.