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Candy crazy kids

“Want to raise a sweet obsessed kid? Do these 8 things.”

It was hard not to read that story when I saw the headline on, a nutrition blog.

It felt like a challenge: Want to keep your kid from going bonkers over sweets? Then you’d better not do these eight things.

So what are the eight things? Here’s what the story says:

1. Put it in sight and say ‘no.’

2. Provide unlimited access to sweets.

3. Make them clean their plates.

4. Give sweets all the attention.

5. Always reward with sweets.

6. Use sweets for emotional hardships.

7. Declare a sugar-free household.

8. Be controlling with how much.

For many more details about helping your children (and maybe yourself) enjoy sweets in moderation, without constantly wanting more, check out the site. It’s run by a registered dietitian/mom.

Here’s the specific link to the sweet-obsessed kids column:


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  • Yvette D Clarke

    I feel your pain. I never had any luck with this kind of stuff, either. So glad to know I’m not alone!