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Fix me a snack

I salivate any time I look at one of my new favorite blogs, which has just about the perfect name:

If you have kids, you hear some version—hopefully a more polite version—of that request every day. Snacks are to kids like the sun to the earth: essential.

Snacks also matter a lot to adults like me who hate feeling famished between meals. Many dietitians actually recommend that people—especially diabetics and those trying to manage their weight—eat three smaller meals and two snacks instead of three big meals hours and hours apart.

But what to snack on? Apples are my old stand-by. But a person can get mighty sick of apples.

So fishing around online one day, I found The beauty of the site is that it might inspire you to cook from scratch, but it’ll also give you lots of ideas for quick and different snacks. (If you’re diabetic or have other health needs, you’ll need to consult your physician or dietitian to find the right snacks for you. One helpful site is, run by the American Diabetes Association.)

At, you can get recipes for muffins and stromboli and homemade cheese crackers (as a substitute for Goldfish). But you also can click on “10 minutes or less” and find quick recipes for Stone Fruit Salsa, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Pizza On A Stick.

The author describes herself as “mom who got sick of feeding her kids crackers and ice cream.” Her snack ideas—while kid-friendly enough to try with picky eaters—are sophisticated and substantial enough for adults.

Like any food, if you want it to be good, you’ve got to plan ahead. You’ve got to buy those fresh fruits and cheeses and keep your pantry fairly well-stocked. Even the author admits to getting “snack panic” a few times a week and turning to junk food.

But the blog’s focus is on fresh and healthy foods that don’t rely on lots of sugar to taste good.

Along with snack ideas, the site has some recipes for things that might pass as meals—such as Apple Sage Quesadillas. Plus, there’s a section on 101 ways to dress up yogurt. And there are links to nutrition-related sites such as and the Mayo Clinic’s “Nutrition for Kids” page.

I’d love to say I’m going to zip home and whip up one of these snacks for my kids, but their awesome Aunt Edie just handed me a loaf of pumpkin bread, and nothing can compete with that!