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Turn off that iPod and go to bed!

I once worked for a  newspaper where we called each edition ‘The Daily Miracle.’ Some parents I know say the same thing about getting their kids off to school. There’s just so much to do during the morning rush. One thing can make it all easier: A good night’s sleep.

In a column this Sunday in Healthy Living, Dr. Maha Alattar will discuss the huge problem of sleep deprivation among teens. Alattar, a board-certified sleep specialist who sees fatigued kids and adults in her practice, says teens’ school days start at a cruel hour — and that their sleep habits could use some  serious work.

In her column, Alattar describes how iPods, text messaging and Facebook cut into teens’ sleep time. She also offers insights into how sleep calendars and other techniques can help teens — biologically programmed to stay up late – unplug earlier and sleep longer.

If you’re a teen or have one in your life, I urge you to check out her column.

Also coming up this Sunday in Healthy Living:

– A look at the country’s most common heart rhythm disorder, in a column by Dr. Henry Clemo of Virginia Cardiovascular Consultants in Fredericksburg.

– Ideas for how to preserve your favorite summertime fruits and veggies, in a column by  dietitian and longtime Healthy Living writer Jennifer Motl.

– And more! But I don’t want to give it all away.