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Missed workouts

A friend was lamenting recently that she had to miss her fitness class because of the snow. If you exercise, you understand how missing your workout can really throw you off—physically and emotionally.

I have a three-day rule: Do nothing for longer than that, and crankiness sets in. I’ve been lucky lately in that I live only about a mile from my office, in a neighborhood with sidewalks. So, between hiking to work, sledding with my kids and shoveling, I’ve stayed active.

But most people can’t walk to work, and many neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks. For those who rely on a trip to the gym to keep fit, this season of icy roads and snowdrifts has been painful.

Post-holidays, when lots of people are looking to burn more calories, a missed fitness class can be a real downer. And it’s true what they say about endorphins—exercising is a sanity saver for many people.

If you exercise and have had to miss some workouts because of the snow, I’d love to hear how you’re holding up. And if you’re an instructor, I’d like your take on how this winter has been for you and your students.

Can purpose-driven exercise—like shoveling—take the place of a spinning class? Are yogis finding the motivation to roll out their mats at home when they can’t make it to class?

Please give me a call or send me a note to share your experiences: 540/374-5527 or