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It’s not too early to start thinking about the holiday season, is it? What I’m wondering is what kind of Healthy Living stories readers would most like to see in the next couple of months. Food, exercise, stress, family, relationships, grief, alcohol, dieting, gifts — anything and everything we worry about/strive for/struggle with all year long seems so much more profound during the holiday season. So, if you have advice to share on navigating the demands (health, relationship, financial, spiritual, etc) of the season in a healthy fashion, by all means, share it! I’m building a list of story ideas and would welcome yours.


  • JohnDavidson

    It bothers me every year to see the swarms of greedy shoppers flooding the stores on holidays. Our forefathers fought and died to get us some quality family time during these holidays. Now we are being sucked into treating these days as shopping days. Consider this; those people that are being forced to work the holidays to serve you the shopper would much rather be home with their families, just as the shoppers should. The stores will not lose anything by being closed those days. This only works if we the people (all of us) stop using our holidays as shopping days. The stores will not stop having sales. They will just have the sales on days people will show up. The ball is in OUR court. Have a heart, stop buying on hloidays and Sundays. If you would like to drive the point home even harder, use the Sundays and holidays to do your returns, and/or browsing only. NO buying.