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Mother’s Day

I heard from a lot of women after posting a request for moms to tell me what they really want for Mother’s Day. A lot of love permeated their responses, as you’d expect. A lot of fatigue came through as well. Moms (and all adults, really) are supposed to take good care of themselves so they can take care of others. But so many women seem to feel they just don’t have enough time for themselves: to exercise regularly, go to the dentist, enjoy some solitude or, sadly, even schedule their mammograms. Many moms I heard from are hoping for a break this weekend from their daily responsibilities, and here’s hoping they get that! Other moms have even deeper concerns that won’t be fixed with a holiday — concerns about their family’s financial well-being, and about the safety of children serving in Iraq.

Interestingly, as I researched this story, I realized there’s an awful lot of medical information available about women’s health from the perspective of what happens during pregnancy, childbirth and immediately afterward. But there seems to be less information out there about the effect of parenthood on a woman’s health as she ages. Anyway…you can read more about women’s Mother’s Day wishes this Sunday in Healthy Living.