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More on swine flu

Here’s some more information on swine flu, courtesy of Dr. Lillis: (And if you didn’t see my original post on this, which quotes a briefing Dr. Lillis wrote, check that out, too.)

 At this time, there are 64 confirmed cases in the United States (45 in New York City all concentrated in the same prep-school population of students who travelled to Mexico City).  Of the 64 confirmed cases in the United States, only one was briefly hospitalized, and all recovered with zero deaths in the United States.

The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control are sending teams to Mexico to investigate reports of deaths from influenza like illnesses.  At this time, only about 20 deaths are confirmed due to swine flu. 

The World Health Organization has deemed this threat significant, raising the pandemic threat to level four (out of a possible six on a scale of severity) due to the early pattern suggesting relatively easy human-to-human transmission, however, many questions remain since there have been no deaths in the United States or Europe, while there have been few confirmed deaths in Mexico. 

The European Union and United States have both recommended against non-essential travel to Mexico.